5 things to see in Arnhem

Most of the tourists who visit Holland for a city trip, focus on Amsterdam. But the Netherlands has many more charming cities, with a rich history that are worth to visit. Like Arnhem, like Arnhem, which is only an hour’s drive from Amsterdam. Today I’ll tell you what you can do in Arnhem.

The Party Aardvark

In the centre of the city of Arnhem, you will find a gigantic work of art. It’s a party aardvark. For children it is quite an invitation to climb on it. It is made of concrete and steel, is 30 meters long, 9 meters high and 13 meters wide. It is a gift from Burgers’ Zoo to the city of Arnhem, in honor of their 100-year anniversary. You will find the sculpture in the Bartokpark, next to Rozet.

Nelson Mandela Bridge

The Nelson Mandela Bridge in Arnhem is a bridge over the river Nederrijn that connects the inner city of Arnhem and Arnhem-Noord. At first sight it’s just a brid ge. But the words HUIZEN – WIND – DE STROOM – DE VERTE – DE UTOPIE – INDONESIE – DE BOTEN – DE ZEE – BLAUWE LUCHT, a remnant of the Sonsbeek event in 1993, are striking. Under the bridge you will find various street art, which is very entertaining to watch.

The Sabelspoort

The Sabelspoort is a city gate of Arnhem. Super special how this gate from the 15th century is shining between two modern buildings in Arnhem. When I ask my children what they like better, the Sabelpoort or the buildings next to it, they unanimously agree: The Sabelpoort! It looks the most like a castle. But it wasn’t used for that at the time. The Sabelspoort was also called Geckenpoort because it was used to lock up insane people and prisoners.

The 7 streets in Arnhem

If you love shopping, then Arnhem is the place to be. Strolling through the 7 streets of Arnhem, with its various shops and historic buildings is the most fun. The 7 streets Arke Noachstraat, Bentinckstraat, Eiland, Kerkstraat, Pastoorstraat, Wielakkerstraat en de Zwanenstraat are in the old center of Arnhem. Besides the nice shops such as Fuchsia full of artifacts and Tout Petits with the coolest nostalgic toys, there are also many small terraces to be found.
From the 7 streets you can walk straight into the large shopping street, with its famous chains of shops. And this also makes Arnhem an excellent shopping city.

The Eusebius Church

The Eusebius Church or Great Church in Arnhem is the largest and most important Protestant church in Arnhem. The church serves as a multifunctional location. A church service is held once a month. In addition, the Eusebius is used for a variety of activities. If you have steel nerves, you can take the panoramic lift in the tower to the Belvedere at 73 metres and visit the exhibition on the Battle of Arnhem.

Where is the I amsterdam sign 2020?

The letters I amsterdam could be found on the Museumplein until 3 December 2018. The letters were a tourist attraction and stood in front of the Rijksmuseum. It was a very popular sign of Amsterdam where many pictures were taken. The letters were removed at the request of the municipality. Many tourists now in 2020 wonder where the letters I amsterdam can be found. The I amsterdam sign is now being placed in lesser-known neighbourhoods to make events and attractions more attractive for tourists.

Is the I amsterdam sign still there?

Yes, but not in the museum square. The original I amsterdam letters travel around. The red-and-white I amsterdam sign, more than 2 metres high and 23.5 metres wide, covers a variety of events and attractions.

Where can you find the I amsterdam letters?

Outside at Schiphol plaza. Wherever the buses can be found. There the I amsterdam letters are ready to take a nice picture.

The I amsterdam letters can also be found at Sloterplas in West. This I amsterdam sign is designed as a free-running and parkour track. Some letters are flat and others are pulled apart. You’re not in the right place for a nice Instagram picture.

The set that travels around the city, appears at various events, festivals and celebrations. On this page you will find where it is at the moment.

A popular place to find the I amsterdam letters is in front of the A’DAM Lookout on the Overhoeksplein. You’ll find this place on the IJ in Amsterdam North. Here you can take a picture with the letters and also have a nice background of the water and the Central Station.