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Where is Miffy in the Netherlands?

Embark on a delightful journey through the Netherlands with one of its most cherished icons, Miffy, or as the Dutch call her, ‘Nijntje’ (pronounced “NINE-cha”). This little rabbit isn’t just a national treasure; she’s a cultural ambassador with a knack for bringing smiles to faces young and old.

So, in the land of tulips and windmills, Miffy goes by ‘Nijntje,’ a shortening of ‘konijntje,’ which means ‘little rabbit.’ It’s a cute name for a cute character, though trying to pronounce it might have you feeling like you’re nibbling on more than just a stroopwafel. But where in the Netherlands does Miffy hop around?

Miffy in the Netherlands

Miffy claims her roots in Utrecht, the charming city where her creator, Dick Bruna, first sketched her simple yet captivating form. Unlike some rumors you might hear, she didn’t hop away to Amsterdam; she’s a Utrecht girl through and through. So if you’re looking to trace her steps, Utrecht is your go-to destination.

Miffy Museum in Utrecht

The Nijntje Museum, or Miffy Museum in English, also located in the charming city of Utrecht. Miffy (Nijntje in Dutch), into a reality for its visitors, especially the little ones. This enchanting museum is dedicated to the works of Dick Bruna, Miffy’s creator, offering an immersive experience into the simplistic yet profoundly expressive world he crafted.

Each room of the museum is a playground designed to mimic different aspects of Miffy’s universe, from her home to the zoo, providing interactive and educational activities that engage children’s imaginations and creativity. It’s a place where stories leap off the page and into the hearts of visitors, creating a delightful experience for Miffy fans of all ages.

Miffy is not from Amsterdam!

While Amsterdam steals the spotlight with its canals and museums, Miffy remains loyal to Utrecht. She’s not about that big city life, preferring the cozy streets and canals of her hometown. So no, Miffy didn’t get lost on her way to the Rijksmuseum; she’s happily ensconced in Utrecht.

But you can certainly come across Miffy in Amsterdam. You’ll find a real Miffy store there! ‘De winkel van nijntje’.

Where can you take a picture with Miffy?

For the ultimate selfie companion, head over to the Miffy Museum in Utrecht. Here, not only can you immerse yourself in her world, but there’s also a statue of Miffy outside, perfect for capturing memories.

In Amsterdam, you will find a sculpture ‘Diamond Miffy’ on the museum square. Miffy is also a regular visitor to Keukenhof!

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