Things to do with kids in Aix-en-Provance

If you think that visiting a city with children is not a good idea, you are wrong! After all, it’s just how you sell such a city trip to your kids. Because the better you sell it, the more fun and exciting it is to unpack it. For example, we completely focused our visit to Paris with the kids on the Miraculous spots. That turned out to be a hit. But then again, not every city has a children’s series that the kids love and so for some cities you’ll have to get a little more creative. For example, I recently visited Aix-en-Provence, a delightful city in the south of France.

Of course, this French city is not as famous as Paris, but the city is found in a world-famous area: Provence. Aix-en-Provence turns out to be a great city for a day trip from your campsite. But if you really want to discover what Aix-en-Provence has to offer for you and your kids, then you can definitely add a night to your stay. Because there are plenty of things to do with kids in Aix-en-Provence.

Aix-en-Provence sights

Before you drag your kids to a city in the south of France, you want to know what the sights are. Before you drag your kids to a city in the south of France, of course you want to know what the sights are. One thing I know for sure, the sights for kids in Aix-en-Provence have to do with the artist Paul Cézanne or it’s a fountain.

Cezanne’s studio

First of all, a visit to Paul Cézanne’s studio is a must in Aix-en-Provence! Not only is this charming building super atmospheric, it’s also a great way to get acquainted with Paul Cézanne. I can imagine that not every child knows who Paul Cézanne is. And to be very honest, not only many children, but also I have to google the work of Paul Cézanne. And when I read that Paul Cézanne is the founder of modern art, I realize that I could have paid more attention at school. But then again, you’re never too old to learn are you?

It also turns out that the painting “The Card Players” by Paul Cézanne, is the most expensive (over $250 million) painting ever sold. That’s a fun fact to tell the kids.

A visit to Paul Cézanne’s studio is not a daylong program. With an audio explanation, you only visit one room.

Hôtel de Caumont

According to the residents of Aix-en-Provence (whom we spoke to), Hôtel de Caumont is an absolute must and you can’t avoid visiting this old mansion with changing art exhibitions. The 14-minute or so film that plays there, about the life of Paul Cezanne, is also a great way to start your visit to Aix-en-Provence with children. Because if one thing has become clear, it is that this is the city of Paul Cezanne, and the ‘Aix-ers’ are only too proud of that!

In addition, the interior of Hôtel de Caumont is truly a picture to behold. The sweetness splashes from it. If your children have a vivid imagination, they will imagine themselves as a prince and princess through the rooms and garden of Hôtel de Caumont. This is fun to do with kids in Aix-en-Provence.

Fountain Hunting

As I said, Aix-en-Provence is the city of Paul Cézanne, but also the city of fountains. When I ask exactly how many fountains can be found in Aix-en-Provence, I have to make do with the answer “1000”. That is of course an exaggeration, but that there is a fountain on every corner is certainly true. With kids you can turn it into a fountain hunt.


Fontaine de la Rotonde 

The most notable fountain is Fontaine de la Rotonde. This fountain, built in 1860, can be found in the center on the border of the old part of the city and the new. On the fountain you will see three female statues. All three are looking in different directions and represent justice, agriculture and the fine arts. Around this spectacular fountain it is a bit busy with traffic, so be careful with the kids!

Fontaine Moussue


In the important street ‘Cours Mirabeau’ you will also find some of Aix-en-Provence’s special fountains. Fontaine des Neuf-Canons and Fontaine Moussue look a bit alike because they are both covered with greenery. Fontaine Moussue turns out to have a special story. The temperature of the thermal water is 18 degrees all year round. Not surprisingly, women in the Middle Ages came to wash their laundry in this fountain. Fortunately, we now have washing machines.

Place d’Albertas and its fountain

Personally, I’m not very impressed with this square, but for Aix-en-Provence, Place d’Albertas is a real landmark and even a national monument. Of course with fountain in the middle of the square! The 18th century square and the buildings around it have a Parisian atmosphere. The fountain that stands there was installed later, in 1912.

Place des Quatre-Dauphins

Which also absolutely should not be missed during the fountain hunt in Aix-en-Provence, is the fountain “des 4 dauphins” built in 1667. Kids will love this fountain. Surrounded by beautiful mansions is a fountain where some water spouts from the basins of dolphins. I must honestly confess that I don’t immediately recognize dolphins in it, but the nameplate of the square quickly makes it clear that they are actually dolphins.


These are the fountains that are not to be missed in Aix-en-Provence, but of course there are many more! A fountain hunt is super fun to do with kids in Aix-en-Provence. How to do it? Make a list of the fountains that can be found in the city. Get a map from the tourist center in Aix-en-Provence and let the kids search for the fountains.

Cool (kids) stores

Just behind Cours Mirabeau you will find the old center of Aix-en-Provence. In this neighborhood you can stroll along the charming boutiques and nice (children’s) stores. Here you will find stores of French children’s brands such as Petit Bateau, Catimini and IKKS.


Strolling through the market

And while we are strolling, in this neighborhood you will also find the daily market with flowers and food. My kids always love the market. This daily market is not the only market in Aix-en-Provence. Three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) there is a market on the Cours Mirabeau and also a brocante and Provençal market on the Place Verdun.

Cycling in Aix-en-Provence

In the center of Aix-en-Provence, you and your family can get around just fine on foot. If you want to discover the city outside the center, a tourist train runs and there are plenty of (electric) buses around. Cycling through Aix-en-Provence is also an option. But when you rent a bike, you can also discover the surroundings of Aix-en-Provence. After we cycled in South Tyrol with the kids on electric bikes, we know that this is a very fun activity with kids. So I would definitely recommend (when the kids are big enough) to rent (electric) bikes! Within no time you are out of the city and cycling through the beautiful Provence.

In the sidecar!

Don’t feel like biking? Then you really should check out this sidecar tour. Isn’t that a cool way to discover Provence?

Miraculous places in real life

Miraculous places in real life

Paris is a fantastic city to visit with children! The city has very recognizable sights. Children may recognize them from the popular series Miraculous. This series with Ladybug and Cat Noir takes place in the city of love. The popular sights of Paris are also regularly seen in the series Miraculous. And what is more fun for children than to follow in the footsteps of Marinette, alias Ladybug? We picked out the most important Miraculous spots in Paris together with the kids. And we actually visited them, so we could do a real Miraculous tour through Paris.

Miraculous in a nutshell: When Paris is in danger, Marinette turns into Ladybug. But she does not know that Adrien, whom she is in love, is also saving cities as the superhero Cat Noir. Available on Netflix and Disney+

The Eiffel Tower

Miraculous places in real life

Every time we travel through or to Paris, my kids and I have a contest of “who sees the Eiffel Tower first”. You simply cannot avoid the most famous symbol of Paris. The 324 meter high iron tower, which was once (1889) made for the World’s Fair and was actually going to be torn down after 20 years, is there and is not going away. In Miraculous, the Eiffel Tower is featured every episode. It is even Marinette’s favorite monument. And after multiple attempts by “akumatized” villains to tear down the tower, the Eiffel Tower proves indestructible in the series as well.

Besides being such a recognizable sign for children, the Eiffel Tower also has something magical. Especially when it shows off its lights in the evening.


Miraculous places in real life

Trocadéro is located opposite the Eiffel Tower and across the river. From the square you have one of the most beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower. In Miraculous, this is where Marinette likes to meet up with friends and get inspiration for designing her new outfits. But a number of battles have also taken place here, including with the akumatized Mr. Pigeon.

The bakery

Miraculous places in real life

The best bakery in Paris is of course the bakery of Marinette’s father. This bakery actually exists and is called Boris Lumé Boulangerie. Boris Lumé Boulangerie is not completely copied, but was used as inspiration for the bakery in the series. For a Miraculous tour of Paris, this is an absolute place to go and get some sweets. Only, unfortunately, they don’t have the famous macarons (anymore).

The Louvre

Miraculous places in real life

My kids recognize the Louvre immediately when we visit this attraction during our city trip in Paris. At the Louvre, the museum with the famous glass pyramid, there have been quite a few fights in Miraculous. Copycat stole the famous Mona Lisa from this museum and Ladybug fought together with Cat Noir against the Pharaoh at the Louvre. In real life, the glass pyramid is the main entrance to this immense museum in Paris.

Jardins des Tuileries

Miraculous places in real life

Between the Louvre and the Place de la Concorde, you will find Jardins des Tuileries. This garden with fountains and many sculptures, is also regularly seen in Miraculous. The fight with a super villain, who makes up for lost time by stealing it from Parisians, takes place here.

The Luxor Obelisk

Miraculous places in real life

The Luxor Obelisk is the Egyptian pillar that shines in the middle of the Place de la Concorde. It was once a gift to France from Muhammad Ali of Egypt. In the Miraculous series, Ladybug chops off the tip of the over 3,000-year-old Obelisk. But hey, she did that to save Paris and fortunately she also had a miracle cure to glue the tip back on.

Arc the Triomphe

Miraculous places in real life

I can find so many fun facts about the Arc de Triomphe to tell the kids. But we are doing the Miraculous tour of Paris and so the kids tell me about what happened at the Arc the Triomphe in Miraculous. Here, among other things, Vincent akumed to a villain and terrorized the Champs-Élysées.

The Seine

Miraculous places in real life

The Seine, which runs right through Paris, is also regularly the setting for the many adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir in Miraculous. My daughter knows that there must be a love bridge with locks somewhere across the Seine, but unfortunately the locks were removed from the bridge in 2015. If you would still like to hang a lock on a fence, we can refer you to the Sacre Coeur, because there we have spotted a fence with locks.


Miraculous places in real life

And last, but certainly not least of this Miraculous tour, we visit Notre-Dame. We can only see Notre-Dame from the front. On April 15, 2019, the nearly 1,000-year-old cathedral caught fire and it will be some time before it reopens to visitors. The Miraculous series features Notre-Dame in several episodes, so this is another recognizable Miraculous place in real life.

Idre Fjall activities

What is there to do in Sweden in the summer?

When you choose a summer vacation in Sweden, you actually choose an active vacation. It’s not that you’re not allowed or can’t relax, that’s for sure, but you’re challenged every day to be active. So if you’re wondering what to do in Sweden, the answer is: be active. You see, there is plenty to do in Sweden, especially in the summer!

My daughter and I stayed in the Idre Fjäll area, which is a region in central Sweden. We participated in some of the coolest activities you can do with kids in Idre Fjäll. My daughter loves it and I know now that there is an adrenaline girl in her.
From now on, we will not just go on quiet summer vacations with puzzle books, but we will look for the adrenaline.

The best summer activities in Sweden

Horseback riding

summer sweden activity

A ride on a horse may not have high adrenaline levels for everyone. But for an inexperienced mother and a terrified daughter, it is still quite exciting. Still, we embark on the adventure and bravely climb on the backs of our horses who are all ready for it.

We do the family tour, where about nine horses walk in a row behind each other. This gives a soothing feeling that the adrenaline has completely subsided. It is a fantastic ride over the mountain scenery and beautiful forest of Idre Fjäll. Experienced riders can do the gallop tour, where you gallop through the woods. What also sounds cool is the ‘bath tour’, where you ride to the lake Burusjön to swim together with the horse. Or the ‘Städjan tour’, where you climb with the horse, to get as high as possible on the mountain Städjan. Definitely one of the best summer activities in Sweden.


Without blinking an eye, my daughter gets in the boat to go on a wild river. We are going rafting! Of course I follow her blindly, I like a little action.

The Rafting Center can be found at the beginning of the road of the Idre Fjäll area. Here the guides are ready to give you the right size wetsuit and then you follow with your own car the bus with boats to the river. Rafting can be done with children from the age of seven years. Then of course you choose the family friendly tour. We went rafting on the Österdalälven, about one and a half kilometers from Idre Fjäll.

Climbing course

When my daughter heard we were going ziplining, she immediately got excited. She liked the idea of ‘flying through the air’. She even thought it would be the best activity of our summer vacation in Sweden.

activity idre fjall

In the Idre Fjäll area you find two climbing courses. A ‘medium ropes course’ and a ‘high ropes course’. We start at the ‘medium ropes course’, where the course hangs about one and a half meters above the ground. The course has almost the same challenges as the high ropes course, but a bit lower to the ground. Children from 1 meter up can do this course and I find that still quite optimistic, because mastering the security can still be quite complicated. But my daughter soon got the hang of it and the medium ropes course therefore proved to be an excellent practice round for the higher level work, which she will be able to do after taking the medium ropes course.

I have to admit that I do have some doubts. Will she really dare the high ropes course? And what about me? But she’s convinced and she just manages to reach the minimum of 140 cm, there’s no escape. We are just going to do the high ropes course, which is hanging there six to ten meters above the ground! Besides, we have to do the high ropes course if we want to do the zipline. And so… Here we go.

When we are on top of the first station, it is a bit higher than it looks down there. I don’t give up and my daughter once again tells herself that she is not afraid of heights. At each station I wait for my daughter for a while, because of the height (and the excitement) she is not able to operate her own security, so I do that for her. As the trail progresses, the adrenaline is also coursing through our bodies more and more. But we have a goal and besides, we can’t go back.

We are glad to be back with both feet on the Idre Fjäll ground. But when I look up for a moment, I can only say with pride, we did it!

Mountain biking

The most popular activity to do in summer, is a mountain bike tour through the Idre Fjäll area. The Idre Fjäll area in Sweden has several bike trails. Most of these bike trails require you to have some guts, as they invite you to take a leap.

Idre Fjäll has a map with a number of mapped mountain bike trails. For the beginners there is a practice course in the forest. This practice course appears to be necessary for us, especially my daughter who finds it very exciting on the mountain bike. She is not used to shifting gears and braking in this way. After a few hundred metres I start to get the hang of it. I take a few jumps and even dare to let go of my brakes now and then.

The trail map of Idre Fjäll shows three routes. A green route, which is the easiest and therefore also very suitable for children. The trail has obstacles of no more than 10 centimeters and is about 11.5 kilometers long. This may seem like a steep route, but most of it is fairly flat, so a heavy climb is not required.

The blue route offers a little more challenge (if needed). In this route you will make a climb to the top of the mountain. This path has obstacles about 20 centimeters high and is about 10.5 kilometers long.

For the adrenaline monsters, there is the red trail. This trail with obstacles as high as 40 centimeters and 15 kilometers long, does require some experience.

The mountain bikes can be rented in the center (next to Intersport) of Idre Fjäll. This is also the place where the three routes start.

Fun activities for children in Idre Fjäll

summer in sweden

In the center of Idre Fjäll you will find the Activity Center, where children can play while mom and dad enjoy a cup of coffee. Inside the Activity Centre you will find a bowling alley, a large sports hall, a bouncy castle and an indoor swimming pool. And around the activity center there are also plenty of activities. Like the outdoor pool with water slides or the 18-hole mini golf.

The climbing wall

Children can get acquainted with the sport of climbing on a climbing wall. This climbing wall has different degrees of difficulty, so this activity is very suitable for children who are climbing for the first time. My daughter made a valiant attempt, but after the high ropes course, she soon found it high enough.

The bungy trampoline

Her interest was more in the bungy trampoline where she faced the next challenge: somersaulting. Because of the two rubber bands, the jumps are so high that making a somersault seems to be a piece of cake. This turned out to be less easy than it looked, but in the end she managed to do a somersault.

The funballz

idre fjall

My daughter had the most fun with the funballz. A large ball filled with air that you can use to walk on the water without getting wet. Well… walk? My daughter loved it and in the meantime I enjoyed a beautiful view of the Idre Fjäll area with laughter in the background.

You see, there is plenty to do in Sweden in the summer! We’ve kind of fallen in love with this country and we can’t wait to go back to experience more of these cool activities!

the netherlands

What are the best cities to visit in The Netherlands?

Tulips, clogs, canals and of course Amsterdam when we think of Holland. We all know Amsterdam, but did you know there are many more great cities in the Netherlands? Maybe not all as big as Amsterdam, but certainly worth a visit during your vacation in the Netherlands.

But where are those other beautiful cities in the Netherlands? And which ones are the best to visit? You can ask yourself that when you visit Holland. I will give you a few recommendations.

For the distance it will not make much difference. The Netherlands is a small country and everything is easily accessible. You can use a rental car to drive through the country, but public transport works great too. So don’t let that stop you from traveling ‘all the way’ to the other side of the country to visit one of the best cities in The Netherlands.

The best big cities to visit in The Netherlands


best city netherlands

Amsterdam, the Dutch capital, the place of canal houses and museums. Many famous painters lived here, and you can find many famous works of art in the museums. Like in the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh museum. Of course, Amsterdam looks glorious thanks to its 400-year-old waterways, which are crisscrossed with bridges. Amsterdam is a legacy of the Golden Age that tourists love to visit today in The Netherlands.

The sights in the city of Amsterdam are countless. Taking a picture at the I amsterdam sign is very popular! But when you visit Amsterdam as a tourist, you should definitely not skip these. We’ve been there thousands of times and it never gets boring!

  • Central Station – This is the largest train station in Amsterdam. It was designed by Pierre Cuypers who is known for his design of the Rijksmuseum.
  • Amsterdam Canals – Amsterdam has 100 kilometers of canals with about 1500 bridges across them. The three main canals (Herengeracht, Prinsengeracht and Keizersgeracht) are the most popular among tourists and are arranged in a pattern of semicircles.
  • Museum Square – Amsterdam truly has museums and galleries for every interest! The Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House and the Stedelijk Museum are the most popular choices. The Museumplein is a square and city park in the district of Amsterdam-South. The Rijksmuseum is located on this square and opened its doors in 1885. Also the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum can be found at the museum square.
  • The Vondelpark – This is the city park and since 1996 also a national monument. This park is popular, with tourists but also with locals. On hot summer days the park is one of the most popular places to be in Amsterdam. You can exercise, sunbathe, picnic and even barbecue. During the summer there are also numerous events organized in the park.


If you are on vacation in the Netherlands, Utrecht is one of those beautiful cities to visit. Utrecht is the beating heart of the Netherlands. The city is built around the Domtoren, which you cannot lose sight of for a second. The car-free city center (that’s great) is small and therefore getting lost is impossible. Like Amsterdam, Utrecht also has beautiful canals. But here you will find canals filled with waterfront cafes and terraces, we love to sit there in the summer! Besides the Dom tower, Utrecht has hundreds of other monuments, which contribute to a special charm in the centuries-old university city.

Tip when you visit Utrecht with kids: The Miffy museum
In Utrecht you can find the one and only Miffy museum! The museum is mainly aimed at toddlers and preschoolers, they can play in different places in Miffy themes. From Dirk Bruna, the spiritual father of Miffy, 1200 works can be admired, including of course his books. Activities are also regularly organized.

best city netherlands

Another tip is to visit: The Haar Castle
The Haar Castle is located in the village of Haarzuilens, not far from the city of Utrecht. This beautiful estate was built in 1892 in neo-Gothic style. The estate consists of a main building and outbuildings such as a chapel, as well as magnificent gardens. If you ask us, The Haar Castle can call itself one of the most beautiful castles in the Netherlands.


Rotterdam is the second biggest city in the Netherlands and is different from all other Dutch cities. Thanks to its impressive skyline, Rotterdam is also called ‘Manhattan on the Maas’. Rotterdam is a centuries old city in the Netherlands, but unfortunately on 14 May 1940 the city was largely destroyed by a bombing raid during the Second World War. Rotterdam is a city with many faces; a tough port city, trendy nightlife city, chic shopping city and hip artist city. This young, dynamic metropolis is a city you must experience for yourself.

best city netherlands

These are the must-sees in Rotterdam:

  • The Cube houses (Dutch: kubuswoningen), also called pole or tree house, is a design by architect Piet Blom. He wanted to design a kind of village in the big city, seeing the houses as trees and the whole complex as a forest. Meanwhile, the Cube Houses in Rotterdam belong to the most iconic buildings in Rotterdam. A real must-see!
  • The market hall, this is the first indoor market in the Netherlands and a major attraction in Rotterdam! In the hall you will find the market with about 100 fresh units, about 15 food shops and several restaurants with a supermarket and four-level parking garage underneath. If you walk between the market stalls and look up, you will see the artwork ‘Horn of plenty’ by Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam.
  • The Euromast, the Euromast is a viewing tower in the Dutch city of Rotterdam. At 185 meters, it is the highest tower in the Netherlands that is open to the public. Definitely worth a visit!

The Hague (Den Haag)

If you’re asking yourself what the best big city in the Netherlands is to visit, you should also definitely consider a visit to The Hague. The Hague is a royal city with allure thanks to its many historical monuments, residential and working palaces, royal routes and carriages. And the Dutch government is based in this city. What is also a good reason to visit this city; The Hague is the only major Dutch city by the sea.

best cities netherlands

The most famous sights of The Hague:

  • Het Binnenhof. In the center of The Hague you will find Het Binnenhof, the political heart of the Netherlands. You can enter Het Binnenhof freely from the beautiful ‘Buitenhof’ and via ‘Plein’. You can walk between the famous places of which the Torentje (little tower), the Ridderzaal (Knight’s Hall) and the Lower House are the most important and best known.
  • Palace of Noordeinde. Noordeinde Palace is the working palace of the Dutch king and is located in the center of The Hague. Several royal weddings have taken place here. Unfortunately you can’t visit the inside of the palace, but the outside is definitely worth a visit as well!

Good to know: these cities above are very good to combine when you visit the Netherlands. In terms of distance they are easy to reach, but also the good train connections ensure that you can combine these cities in a weekend.


best city holland

When you visit the south of the Netherlands, the province of Limburg, you must visit the city of Maastricht. Maastricht is the capital of Limburg and this is the city with the most monuments in the Netherlands after Amsterdam. The history of this city goes back centuries. In fact, Maastricht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands that already existed at the time of the Romans.
Besides its beautiful sights, Maastricht is also a popular shopping city in the south of the Netherlands.

Maastricht is also very nice to visit during the Christmas period. We love to go there for the Christmas market on the Vrijthof. On this square you can also find the St-Servaas Basilica and the St-Jans Church. And when you are here at Christmas time, make sure to visit Valkenburg as well, where you definitely will get into the Christmas spirit.


best city netherlands

At first sight Eindhoven appears to be a fairly modern city, yet it has numerous national monuments. And therefore it really belongs in this list of the best big cities to visit in The Netherlands. Industrial heritage such as old Philips factories in Eindhoven are now a sparkling center for hip stores, fine dining establishments, luxury lofts and creative workplaces. And good news for tourists, Eindhoven has its own airport!

From Rooftop Bar to the Philips Museum. The absolute must-do in Eindhoven? Experience it!


Lively yet peaceful, if that’s what you’re looking for on a citytrip, Groningen is the place to be. Groningen is located in the north of the Netherlands and it is the capital of the province with the same name. In this city you will find culture and beautiful historical monuments like the Martinitoren. When you stand at the top of this tower, you will understand what they mean by ‘a peaceful city’. But Groningen is also the home for many students, and those students bring the city to life.

best cities in the netherlands

The most famous sights of Groningen:

  • Martinitoren – In the past 500 years, the Martin Tower has burned down, lightning struck, and nearly collapsed. Do you still dare to go to the top?
  • Hofjes of Groningen – In the past, the Groninger hofjes offered free shelter to the poor, widows and sick. You can compare them to the Almshouses in England. Nowadays, all kinds of private individuals live in these oases of rest in the inner city.


For the city of Haarlem you don’t have to go far from Amsterdam. You will find this beautiful city less than 20 minutes drive from Amsterdam. Haarlem has a cozy historic center, famous museums, stores, restaurants and not to forget the Molen de Adriaan on the Spaarne. From antique market to pop concert, there is always something going on here.

best cities netherlands

These are the must-sees in Haarlem:

  • Molen de Adriaan – A visit to Haarlem is not complete without a visit to Molen de Adriaan. Located on the Spaarne, you can see this tower mill from far.
  • Sint Bavokerk – On the Grote Markt, the Sint Bavokerk immediately stands out. This magnificent medieval basilica rises high above the buildings around the square.


Arnhem is a beautiful city in the province of Gelderland. Again, a city with history, which can still be seen here and there. This city is really worth a visit, but the green parks and nature reserves near the city are also fine tourist attractions.

You have already read the five must-sees of Arnhem on our site. But we can certainly add a few more sights to that list. Let’s highlight the green parks and nature reserves near this city!

  • Zypendaal is a country house located in the Park Zypendaal estate on the north side of the city of Arnhem. The monumental Park Zypendaal owes its name to the water that seeps from the ground in some places. This is not a typical Dutch flat park, the park in Arnhem has quite a few height differences.
  • Het Openluchtmuseum (Open Air Museum) – To the north of the city you will find the Open Air Museum. Here you can experience the history of the Netherlands. The museum is located in a lovely green area and is quite extensive. But there is a beautiful old streetcar which can be used to transport you for free to the different parts of the park.
  • Posbank – The view is breathtaking! In August the area turns completely purple when the heather is in bloom. This is the Posbank, the heather near the city of Arnhem where you can walk around for hours.
city arnhem

The best small cities to visit in The Netherlands

Small towns in the Netherlands, they are picturesque, they are pretty and they are very easy to walk around because, well, they are small. We will give you a list of the best small cities to visit in The Netherlands.


Elburg is a fishing town in the province of Gelderland. The town is remarkably straight, with straight streets and a straight city wall.
Elburg has a charming appearance. When you walk through the streets here you can still see the past. There are fishing nets and many other fishing articles. The old fishermen’s cottages are well preserved here. Just like the stately buildings.

The city has many monuments, the main attractions include the city walls the St. Nicholas Church, followed by the Reformed Church and finally you must have seen the Vischpoort. There are of course many more attractions because the city has 296 national monuments.


Giethoorn is a village with a lot of water in the province of Overijssel. It is not a town but a village and is incredibly popular with tourists in the Netherlands. Giethoorn is also known as Dutch Venice. Almost everything in Giethoorn takes place on the water. You can move around with a tour boat, smaller boats and canoes. Giethoorn has something romantic, it almost seems like you’ve landed in a fairy tale. Or in gnome land since you have to bend over for the little bridges you sail under.


Not to be missed: the beautiful 18th and 19th century farmhouses.


Another village and not a town, but certainly worth a mention in this list of the best small cities to visit in The Netherlands! I’m talking about the monument village of Orvelte! Orvelte is one of the most beautiful villages in the Netherlands and can be found in the province of Drenthe. In the lively monumental village, where people just live and work, you will experience history at first hand.

the netherlands farms city


Woudrichem is a sturdy fortified town lying on the Merwede in the province of North Brabant. Wander along the ancient facades, visit the historic harbor and talk about this history on a nice terrace.

An absolute must is a visit to Slot Loevestein. Slot Loevestein is among the historical hotspots of the Netherlands. This is the castle where Hugo de Groot was held prisoner, but managed to escape in a book chest.

Vesting Bourtange

Close to the German border, in the beautiful Westerwolde (South-East Groningen), lies fortress Bourtange. Bourtange is built in a star shape, typical of these fortified towns and especially spectacular looking from above. Go back in time and see the medieval architecture, canals and dikes. The city has four museums, a number of restaurants, historic stores and a hotel in the former soldiers’ barracks. Make sure you do not miss the re-enactment of the battles of the Eighty Years’ War against Spain!

best cities netherlands


Monnickendam lies on the Markermeer in the province of North Holland. And although the town has plenty of things to discover itself, such as the Speeltoren, the Grote- or Sint-Nicolaaskerk and the wooden drawbridge in the harbor, it is also a great base for trips to Marken and Volendam. Don’t forget Broek op Waterland! In short, the entire Zaan region is worth visiting during your vacation.


The city of Doesburg, situated along the Gelderse IJssel and the Oude IJssel, was for a long time the most important fortress city of the Netherlands. The wealth of that time can still be seen in the beautifully restored historic center and fortifications. A must is a visit to the Waag, one of the oldest restaurants in the Netherlands.

Doesburg lies at the geographical center of the eastern Netherlands and is therefore a good starting point for visiting the National Park Veluwezoom or the city of Arnhem.


Harlingen is located in the north of the Netherlands, in the province of Friesland. For many Dutch people, Harlingen is the town where you make the crossing to Terschelling and Vlieland. But Harlingen is much more than that! Harlingen is a very nice and cozy town, full of history. The center is not too big and therefore you can easily walk around with children. A beautiful harbor where you can see the boats sail right into the Wadden Sea. A town where spending the night in a hotel still feels like stepping into someone’s living room.


Dokkum is also found in the north of the Netherlands, in the province of Friesland. By the way, did you know that Friesland was ranked third in the category ‘best European destinations’ by Lonely Planet? So it’s really worth visiting this province!

The cozy Dokkum is a charming town for a fun day out. You’ll find a nice mix of stores, restaurants, terraces and attractions. Here you will find the famous IJsfontein which is part of the 11Fountains project where artists made a fountain for 11 Frisian cities.

Dokkum is also the place to be for history. Bonifatius was murdered near Dokkum in 754, giving the town international fame. In the Bonifatius Chapel you can see a reference to this event. So, if you are looking for the best small cities to visit in The Netherlands, then Dokkum is highly recommended!


Deventer part of the Hanseatic League, situated on the river IJssel and a city with a beautiful history. And that can be seen everywhere in the ancient center. Pleasant squares alternate with wonderful monuments and sights. During a day in Deventer it is a pleasure to discover the oldest stone house, the oldest scientific library and the oldest park in the Netherlands.

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Furthermore, the city has a number of special museums to experience, including Museum de Waag and the Toy Museum (fun for the kids).


The picturesque town of Enkhuizen in the province of North Holland attracts thousands of visitors each year. Some love Enkhuizen for its many historic buildings and monuments, others love its harbor and fantastic water sports facilities. For the children there is Sprookjeswonderland, a great fun park full of gnomes and fantasy.

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A visit to the Zuiderzee Museum is also highly recommended. The Zuiderzee Museum consists of an outdoor and indoor museum. In the Outdoor Museum you will find more than one hundred and thirty authentic houses, stores and workshops. You can see the craftsmen at work and experience the daily life of the past.


Located in the province of South Holland, Delft has a worldwide reputation thanks to Johannes Vermeer, Delft blue pottery and the Royal Family. The Master of Light Johannes Vermeer was born in Delft. Delft blue earthenware has been world famous since it was created in the time of the Dutch East India Company. Moreover, Delft is still the place where you can see and experience how Delft Blue is authentically manufactured. Delft is a small city where you can wander around but a great tip: explore the city from the water!

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Dutch people usually skip Harderwijk. You will not find Harderwijk in many lists of the best small cities to visit in The Netherlands. Yet we want to put Harderwijk on the map, because this city deserves it.

The Vischpoort, the Grote Kerk (church), the City Museum, the Vischmarkt, these are just a few of the many sights in Harderwijk. But above all you will find hospitality, friendliness and versatility in Harderwijk. And those seem to me the perfect qualities to this list of best cities in the Netherlands to close.

Where is the I amsterdam sign 2022?

The letters I amsterdam could be found on the Museumplein until 3 December 2018. The letters were a tourist attraction and stood in front of the Rijksmuseum. It was a very popular sign of Amsterdam where many pictures were taken. The letters were removed at the request of the municipality. Many tourists now in 2022 wonder where the letters I amsterdam can be found. The I amsterdam sign is now being placed in lesser-known neighbourhoods to make events and attractions more attractive for tourists.

Is the I amsterdam sign still there?

Yes, but not in the museum square. The original I amsterdam letters travel around. The red-and-white I amsterdam sign, more than 2 metres high and 23.5 metres wide, covers a variety of events and attractions.

Where can you find the I amsterdam letters?

Outside at Schiphol plaza. Wherever the buses can be found. There the I amsterdam letters are ready to take a nice picture.

The I amsterdam letters can also be found at Sloterplas in West. This I amsterdam sign is designed as a free-running and parkour track. Some letters are flat and others are pulled apart. You’re not in the right place for a nice Instagram picture.

The set that travels around the city, appears at various events, festivals and celebrations. On this page you will find where it is at the moment.

A popular place to find the I amsterdam letters is in front of the A’DAM Lookout on the Overhoeksplein. You’ll find this place on the IJ in Amsterdam North. Here you can take a picture with the letters and also have a nice background of the water and the Central Station.

5 things to see in Arnhem

Most of the tourists who visit Holland for a city trip, focus on Amsterdam. But the Netherlands has many more charming cities, with a rich history that are worth to visit. Like Arnhem, like Arnhem, which is only an hour’s drive from Amsterdam. Today I’ll tell you what you can do in Arnhem.

The Party Aardvark

In the centre of the city of Arnhem, you will find a gigantic work of art. It’s a party aardvark. For children it is quite an invitation to climb on it. It is made of concrete and steel, is 30 meters long, 9 meters high and 13 meters wide. It is a gift from Burgers’ Zoo to the city of Arnhem, in honor of their 100-year anniversary. You will find the sculpture in the Bartokpark, next to Rozet.

Nelson Mandela Bridge

The Nelson Mandela Bridge in Arnhem is a bridge over the river Nederrijn that connects the inner city of Arnhem and Arnhem-Noord. At first sight it’s just a brid ge. But the words HUIZEN – WIND – DE STROOM – DE VERTE – DE UTOPIE – INDONESIE – DE BOTEN – DE ZEE – BLAUWE LUCHT, a remnant of the Sonsbeek event in 1993, are striking. Under the bridge you will find various street art, which is very entertaining to watch.

The Sabelspoort

The Sabelspoort is a city gate of Arnhem. Super special how this gate from the 15th century is shining between two modern buildings in Arnhem. When I ask my children what they like better, the Sabelpoort or the buildings next to it, they unanimously agree: The Sabelpoort! It looks the most like a castle. But it wasn’t used for that at the time. The Sabelspoort was also called Geckenpoort because it was used to lock up insane people and prisoners.

The 7 streets in Arnhem

If you love shopping, then Arnhem is the place to be. Strolling through the 7 streets of Arnhem, with its various shops and historic buildings is the most fun. The 7 streets Arke Noachstraat, Bentinckstraat, Eiland, Kerkstraat, Pastoorstraat, Wielakkerstraat en de Zwanenstraat are in the old center of Arnhem. Besides the nice shops such as Fuchsia full of artifacts and Tout Petits with the coolest nostalgic toys, there are also many small terraces to be found.
From the 7 streets you can walk straight into the large shopping street, with its famous chains of shops. And this also makes Arnhem an excellent shopping city.

The Eusebius Church

The Eusebius Church or Great Church in Arnhem is the largest and most important Protestant church in Arnhem. The church serves as a multifunctional location. A church service is held once a month. In addition, the Eusebius is used for a variety of activities. If you have steel nerves, you can take the panoramic lift in the tower to the Belvedere at 73 metres and visit the exhibition on the Battle of Arnhem.

Beautiful Gorges du Verdon

In the south of France you will find the beautiful, more than 180,000 hectares of regional natural park Verdon. By the many pedal boats and kayaks that you’ll see in the river, it’s not a secret place. But it can be high on your list of destinations. Because it is beautiful here. Even my children agreed and there is often a ‘wow’ rolling out of their mouths. And I can totally understand that, because ‘wow’, Gorges du Verdon is so beautiful!

The region of Gorges du Verdon

The Gorges du Verdon is best known for its Grand Canyon du Verdon. This is a gigantic gorge that is even one of the largest gorges in Europe. Through the 25 kilometer long river Verdon you can see rock walls up to 700 meters high. These have been worn out over the centuries. This amazing natural phenomenon ends in the reservoir ‘Lac de Sainte-Croix’. In the Grand Canyon there are many tourists, but the nature reserve has much more beauty to offer and is worth a longer stay.

Many come from the Côte d’Azur to visit the Grand Canyon du Verdon for a day. During our holiday we stayed at a campsite in the Verdon nature reserve… The campsite was our base and from the campsite we explored what the area has to offer. And I can tell you now, we are not finished yet and therefore there is a good chance that we will return again to Gorges du Verdon.

There are many campsites in the area of Gorges du Verdon. Are you looking for a large campsite with many swimming pools and a complete entertainment programme? If so, you’d better continue your search on the Côte d’Azur and take the Verdon as an excursion. In the Gorges du Verdon area you’ll find mainly small nature campsites. Some directly on the Verdon, others more in the forest with a small swimming pool.

What to do in the Gorges du Verdon

Holidays are for relaxing. That’s right! Yet last summer we did a lot of activities in the Gorges du Verdon, simply because the area invites you to do so. For that reason alone it was very nice that we stayed a bit longer in this area, because no matter how much I like to go out every day, the children sometimes want to stay on the campsite for a day or two. You know, swimming a bit, making friends and just playing.

It may be quite touristy, but skipping a water activity in the Grand Canyon of the Verdon is like cursing in the church. So well we rented a pedal boat at the gate of the Grand Canyon. However, we didn’t choose the right day to do this, as the wind was quite strong, with the result that entering the Canyon was a piece of cake, but leaving the Canyon caused us unnecessarily much muscle pain.

In addition to pedal boats, you can also rent a kayak or an SUP-board. If you’d rather be lazy than tired, I advise you to rent an electric boat.

There are several places where you can rent electric boats, SUP boards and canoes. Motorboats are forbidden in the Verdon.

Renting a pedal boat in the Gorges du Verdon will cost you +- €15 per hour. Renting a kayak also costs about €15,00 per hour. For both, it depends on how many persons pedal boat or kayak you choose.
Renting a SUP will cost you +- €10,00 per hour.
Renting an electric boat will quickly cost you around €45.00 per hour.

Rafting and Canyoning in the Verdon

One of the enjoyable things about the ageing of my children, is that the activities are also becoming more enjoyable. The swimming bands are exchanged for a raft boat and the playground is exchanged for a climbing course through the canyon.

Our goal was rafting. We tried to arrange this via ‘Les Guides’. You could call them for an appointment, but given the size of our group, we thought it would be better to stop by and arrange a tour in person. The office of Les Guides is located in the town of Les Salles, not too far from the Grand Canyon du Verdon. Upon arrival we had our first disappointment: rafting was not possible due to the drought. Flexible as we are we switched from rafting to canyoning.

And what is canyoning? We also wondered… In the end it turned out to be a combination of climbing, abseiling, ziplining, jumping from a rock and swimming in ice cold water. All this in a 3mm wetsuit. After the zipline and the 10 meter high climbing course in Sweden, I thought that my daughter would be experienced enough for the family tour. However, this turned out to be quite a challenge for her and some fears had to be overcome. Tough as she is, she completed the two and a half hour course in the canyon of the Verdon. But when asked: “next year again?”, a convincing “no, really not!” came out. Too bad for me, because with this ‘canyoning’ I could have entertained myself all day long. Next year child 2 but bring along then …

Children can participate in the activities from the age of 8 years and about 30 kg. Provided they have good swimming skills and a little guts. The cost is about €40.00 for half a day (2.5 hours).

Rafting is logically only possible when the water is high enough. The costs for a 1.5 hour raft trip are €40.00.

Office address:
Les Guides
2 rue Margaridon
83630 Les Salles sur Verdon

But you can also call to participate in one of the activities: +33(0)494842255

The most beautiful car route along the Gorges du Verdon

Gorges du Verdon offers a lot of water activities. But it also has a beautiful car route.
And so we get in the car for one of the most beautiful car routes in the world. This route even deserves a place in National Geographic’s dream ride book. In general we don’t do the kids any fun with a sightseeing trip by car, but this route is quite spectacular. Especially when we pass a bungyjump point. “Are these people seriously going to jump off the bridge?”
For this route you need to have a strong stomach, because of the many hairpin bends you can see some green. Also spray enough deodorant, because the deep rock walls can cause splashing armpits.

Lakes of the Verdon

Lac de Sainte Croix

Don’t only focus at the Grand Canyon of the Verdon, the Verdon has a lot more to offer. Including some beautiful lakes. The largest lake of the Verdon is the reservoir of Sainte-Croix, or ‘Lac de Sainte Croix’. Lac de Sainte Croix has several beaches and picturesque, semi-touristic villages (Les Salles-sur-Verdon, Bauduen, Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon) with a nice boulevard where you can eat an ice cream. Most beaches are quite crowded, especially in the weekend when the local French people enjoy their day off at the lake. At the end of the day we visited a beach near Bauduen, where we enjoyed a bbq picnic (no coal or open fire!).

Lac d’Artignosc

A lot less touristy and therefore a lot quieter was the lake near our campsite and the picturesque village of Artignosc, ‘Lac d’Artignosc’. This lake felt a bit like our own local recreational lake, but with a big rock on the other side and the lack of blue green algae. Also here you can rent a pedal boat, a kayak, an SUP-board, or an electric boat. And again there are many French people on the weekends who put together a picnic on the spot. The disadvantage (for us) is that no dogs are allowed on this stretch. Although most recreational enthusiasts don’t mind, as long as you don’t go swimming with the dog. One friendly French couple even advised us that if anyone would give a damn, we could just say we didn’t understand them. “Je ne comprends pas…”

Lac de Quinson

A little further on, near the village of Quinson, lies the lake ‘Lac de Quinson’. Again, there is the possibility to rent a pedal boat or kayak, which is certainly worth it, as this lake has a mini-canyon.

Lac d’Esparron

Lac d’Esparron is also worth a visit. You have to love the crowds and in my opinion there were a lot of young people here as well (not that I consider myself to be one of the old people now). There is a small supervised bay, given the many toddlers in this bay, I would call it the paddling pond. If you walk a little further over the rocks, you end up at a larger lake with beautiful cliffs and mysterious views.

Gorges du Verdon and its beautiful surroundings certainly belong on your must see list!

Gorges du Verdon on Google maps

Parc & Shows: Puy du Fou in France

In France you’ll find a park full of shows. The park is called Puy du Fou. I experienced the park and I could describe it in one word: spectacular! But since there is much more to tell about it, I will share all my experiences in this review about Puy du Fou.

What is Puy du Fou?

Puy du Fou is not an amusement park with roller coasters. But it is still a great adventure to be in Puy du Fou. The term ‘adventure park’ is probably the most appropriate for this park. Puy du Fou is an experience with lots of spectacular sensations. No less than 19 performances (averaging 30 minutes) in the park and one evening spectacle (of 1 hour and 40 minutes) just outside the park, make your showtime heart beat faster. All shows are about the history of France and has a link to the Vendee region. The region where the park is located. Whenever you think it can’t be crazier, it becomes even more special, even more spectacular. It’s difficult to describe, that’s why I think you should experience Puy du Fou yourself.

Where is Puy du Fou?

As I said, Puy du Fou is located in the Vendee region. Vendee is a region in the west of central France. It is just under a 9 hour drive from Amsterdam. The nearest airport is Nantes. A flight from Schiphol Amsterdam takes about an hour and a half.

Because I visited the park for one weekend, I went by plane. At the airport of Nantes I picked up a rental car. From the airport of Nantes and with that it is another hour’s drive to Puy du Fou.

After an hour of driving I arrive at Puy du Fou. I spend the night in one of the Puy du Fou hotels: La Citadelle. I can park my car next to the town wall. As soon as I walk through the town gate to check in, I immediately end up in the Middle Ages. Everything is in style, even the toilet reminds me of centuries ago. Luckily I can flush the toilet normally.

La Citadelle is one of the five official hotels of Puy du Fou. Besides this castle, Puy du Fou also has an inn from the 18th century. A tent camp from the Renaissance. You can spend the night in a hut on poles, which comes from the early Middle Ages. Or you can spend the night in Roman style. All five of these official Puy du Fou hotels are within walking distance of the special hotel entrance to the park.

Puy du Fou: spectaculaire shows!

In Puy du Fou you will find mostly shows. Many of these can be called spectacular shows. Because the setting, the stunts, well, actually the whole experience is one big spectacle. I visited 13 attractions in two full days. That’s a lot of shows and I can’t recommend this program when you visit the park with children. The advantage is that I can now share my experiences about most of the different shows.

Show: ‘Le mystère de la Pérouse’

This attraction / show is new in 2018 and is slightly different from the other shows in Puy du Fou. When entering a ship from the year 1785, I think we’re in a line for the next show. But it soon becomes clear to me that we are on board of the ship. And that is the start of the show. In this show you are on a voyage of discovery over unknown seas. A few actors who are completely in their role play so convincingly that the story soon becomes clear. Even though it is spoken in French and there is no translation possible at this attraction. The ship takes us on wild seas. The moving scenery and the sound effects really disorient you. So much for disorienting you, you’d almost get seasick from it. The attraction ‘Le mystère de la Pérouse’ is certainly not a show where you sit still and watch. This is what they mean by an ‘show experience’.

Birdshow: Le Bal des Oiseaux Fantômes

We are looking for a place on a large grandstand, this is where we are going to experience Le Bal des Oiseaux Fantômes. This is a show, or rather a spectacle with birds. I’ve seen a bird show before, also in France at an old castle. Where a falconer let his owl and falcon fly back and forth and the audience said ‘oooooh’. You can perhaps imagine that I did not have too high expectations at ‘the bird show’. Also in Le Bal des Oiseaux Fantômes a story was told. This could be followed by a translation, but I had to get used to listening via a crackling box. Fortunately I later discovered the app by Puy du Fou, which made the translation sound a lot better. Anyway, I don’t think the story stole the show either. No, that honour really goes to the more than 200 birds such as falcons, owls and vultures, which fly right above your head. And when you think you’ve seen all the birds after half an hour, the final comes. Where all the birds, including pelicans, storks and marabous, cover the sky.

Theatre show: Mousquetaire de Richelieu

We go from one adventure to another. A completely different adventure, though. Because while I’m still recovering from all the flying birds’ violence, we’re going to experience a performance in a monumental 17th century theatre. Mousquetaire de Richelieu, also the Musketeers. Fine, let’s have a quiet look at a performance, thats what I think. But after having already had two shows, I should have known better. Mousquetaire de Richelieu, is full of action. Logical, because you know, the Musketeers. Different fencing duels, equestrian arts and an unexpected setting make this show a true spectacle as well.

Small show: Le Secret de la Lance

We are now going to watch a small show, according to our personal guide. Le Secret de la Lance tells the story of Marguerite, a young woman who is left alone in a castle, while the knights leave for Orléans. She has only one task: to unravel the secret of a lance with magical properties in order to protect the enchanted walls of the castle.
It will rest on your shoulders…
Of course, I’m not gonna tell you if she’s gonna be able to do it. I can tell you that this performance is far from small. Okay, the decor might start small, but now I’m starting to discover that at Puy du Fou, nothing is what it seems.

Water show: Les Orgues de Feu

In the evening, ‘Les Orgues de Feu’ is on the programme. A show on the water, with real people coming out of the water, says our guide. You can imagine a very surprised look around my face. People out of the water, how? But I can’t unlock the secrets of Puy du Fou with our guide. You’ll see it tonight’, is what I have to do with. The weather gods make us feel the ultimate experience of a water show by letting the water crash on us during the show. But it won’t spoil the fun, because my attention is focused on what happens on the water. It is now dark and soon it becomes clear to me why this show has to be seen in the dark. Costumes whit lights that sway fabulously over the water, with real people in them! It is a spectacular sight. When a grand piano with a man comes out of the water, I’m totally amazed! How do they do that?
The fountains and the water organ complete the performance, making ‘Les Orgues de Feu’ a great way to end the day in Puy du Fou.

A walk through a trench: Les Amoureux de Verdun

After a night’s sleep in our luxurious room in the hotel La Citadelle, we have another day in Puy du Fou.

The first show on our program today is a fierce one. A love story is told by means of the love letters of a soldier. A story that you see, feel and experience when you walk through a trench in the winter of 1916. It is the evening before Christmas and the war is in full swing. The shooting, the soldiers, the explosions and their consequences in the dark trench may be a little too intense for small children. The actors take their roles very seriously. It’s highly recommended! And for the children there are several exits during the trip through Les Amoureux de Verdun, if it gets too scary.

Great show: Les Vikings

After this depressing (the story doesn’t end well) beginning of the day, I’m ready for something light-hearted. Savage, wild and rough Vikings, yes that makes me happy. With about 3000 more people we go to one of the main performances of Puy du Fou, Les Vikings. The sun is shining, the scenery is fantastic again and we are going to watch Vikings. Moreover, I have now installed the app for the better translation.

The story starts quit peacefully in Fort de l’An Mil. The people are cheerful and the and the decor looks great. A couple gets married. Some boys are knighted. And suddenly the rough Vikings from the north are there. Then another spectacle starts with fire, stunts, complete ships that float upstairs and there are horses. The violence is really coming at you and I don’t know where to look. This is one of those shows where you can go three times and see something different every time.

After this show lunch is on the program. Which is great, because I really need to recover from this.

Spinning show: Le Dernier Panache

After lunch we get to see something complete different. Not a single performance in Puy du Fou falls under the heading of standard theatre show and also this one does not. Le Dernier Panache is a show inside with a audience revolving around the stage. Through different scenes we get to see a piece of history from the Vendee again. This time it’s the French Revolution with a French naval officer in the leading role. Whether children can actually follow this story, I wonder. In any case, it is spectacular to see.

In a Colosseum: Le Signe du Triomphe

And then there’s really the greatest spectacle. Whether it’s because of the gigantic Colosseum, or because we make our debut as actresses, I don’t know. But Le Signe du Triomphe is grand, it’s wild and most of all, it’s spectacular.

So we play in this show, but we’re not the only one chosen. About 40 people are picked from the audience and asked to participate in the show. Playing along is not difficult. You are brought behind the scenes for a short explanation and of course a costume party.
There are two groups. The Romans and the Gauls. I belong to the Gauls and to get directly into the role, we yell at the Romans loudly BOE when they past (still behind the scenes). It’s a bit uncomfortable, but our leader clearly has more experience and helps us well on our way. Before I know it I’m in in the Colosseum, yelling at the Romans with about twenty other players. And that while the ‘normal’ audience still comes in and goes looking for a place.

Because I play along with this story, I can’t turn on the translation and I just have to imitate what my Gallic leader does. But because I play along with that story, I can’t turn on the translation and I just have to imitate what my Gallic leader does. It soon becomes clear to me that love is back in the game. A kind of Romeo and Juliet, but with a Roman guy and a Gallic girl. Why other Gallic prisoners are involved is not clear to me. Anyway, they have to win the circus games in front of the Roman governor, according to the description. What I see, shouted in between my BOE, is an unequal fight between the Romans and the Gallic prisoners. A horse race which is directed very well with of course a lot of stunts.

And as if it wasn’t crazy enough, a tiger, a lion and three lionesses enter the arena. Of course we end up with a ‘they live happily ever after’ and my voice sounds like a false crow. But what a pleasure we had and that combined with another spectacular show. Le Signe du Triomphe is one of my favourites of Puy du Fou.

The evening show: La Cinescenie

When you think you’ve had it all and you can’t be more spectacular. Then you haven’t seen La Cinescenie yet. The evening performance of Puy du Fou, for which you have to buy separate tickets, is world famous. Twice a week 14,000 people come to watch this ‘mindblowing’ show of almost two hours with an open mouth. The stage covers an area of 23 hectares. The number of actors playing along is 2,400, not counting horses, cows, sheep, and so on. Fireworks, 3D video projections, overwhelming decors and lots of special effects.

Can you imagine it? I really had no idea before we went to see the evening show La Cinescenie. And once in the grandstand, watching the gigantic view, all I could do was ask myself, “How? During the performance, everything becomes clear to me. La Cinescenie is a performance that cannot be explained, but you really have to experience it yourself. Because something so great and overwhelming is really hard to describe.

Puy du Fou, the tips and info

Tickets: Actually, I would advise you to book an overnight stay in one of the hotels at Puy du Fou. Simply because this way you can quietly discover the park. And what one day doesn’t succeed, the next day maybe succeeds. In Puy du Fou you can have a great time for two days. When booking an overnight stay, make sure you also book your entrance tickets. These are not standard for a hotel stay.

Puy du Fou app: When visiting Puy du Fou, put the Puy du Fou app on your phone! With this app, you’ll be up to date at all times. When does the next show start? You can see on the map where you are in the park and that is very handy, because the park does not promote your sense of direction. And the translation via the app is also much easier to understand than through the crackling translation box.

Travelling whit a dog: When we go on holiday, we always take the dog with us. However, dogs are not allowed in the Puy du Fou park. This is because of the wild animals in the park. Assistance and guide dogs are welcome, but you have to mention this in advance. However, taking a dog with you does not have to stand in the way of your visit to Puy du Fou. Puy du Fou has a dog boarding house where your dog is taken care of all day (for a fee). Here, too, it is advisable to make a reservation in advance.

Behind the scenes at the falconers: It is possible to get a tour behind the scenes with the falconers. Here you can see the daily care of the more than 530 birds in the Puy du Fou. Including the experience of a very high cuteness of the newborn birds. This tour takes about 90 minutes.

The opening hours of Puy du Fou: The opening hours of the park can be different every day. For this purpose, Puy du Fou has made a calendar that clearly shows which day and which opening hours it has. On Friday and Saturday there is also the show Cinéscénie. Check out the Puy du Fou calendar. Or download the app, where you can immediately see whether the park is open or closed.

Eating and Drinking in Puy du Fou: The food and drink in Puy du Fou is totally the French way. Tasty and extensive. There are several restaurants in the park. There are also a number of fast food restaurants, although these are pretty concealed. My recommendations for good food and drink are:

  • L’Echansonnerie
  • Les Deux Couronnes
  • La Mijoterie du Roy Henry
  • L’Ecuyer Tranchant
  • Le Bistrot

Dressed up to Puy du Fou: A good tip to know is that for artistic reasons it is expressly forbidden to come to Puy du Fou in costume. So no bachelorette parties!

Tip: Put on closed shoes! All paths are covered with fine gravel. And when it rains, put on old closed shoes, which will damage your shoes.

Address Puy du Fou and map: Puy de Fou is easy to reach by car. You can even park for free at all the parking lots of the Puy du Fou.

The address of Puy du Fou is:
85590 Les Epesses

Ferienhof Wahls – a child friendly holiday home in Vogelsberg, Germany

When I ask my children what they liked most during the holidays, all three of them shout “the go-karts at the holiday home”. And once again it’s clear to me: Children don’t need much to have fun on holiday. Except for fresh air, a playground and time to discover.

During the school holidays we stayed two nights at holiday farm Ferienhof Wahls. Ferienhof Wahls is located at the foot of the Vogelsberg region in Germany. If you are looking for a child friendly holiday home in the Vogelsberg region in Germany, I can recommend it to you. It is a very child friendly place, where the feeling of ‘in the middle of nowhere’ arises in a positive sense. At first, when I see ‘no service’ at the top left of my phone screen and the phone keeps searching for a WiFi signal, I feel a bit anxious though. We’ll literally be ‘offline’ for a while, and there’s no other option than to accept it. Faster than I expect, I embrace the peace and enjoy the beautiful holiday home, my vacation and the children playing. And miraculously, during our stay, the children haven’t even thought about their iPad or phone.

The volcano Vogelsberg

Did you know that Germany has a volcano area? The last eruption was more than 7 million years ago, but still. The Vogelsberg is the result of these volcanic activities and that result is impressive! We discovered this area in the autumn. The autumn colours are beautiful and the foggy weather creates a fairytale setting. Hesse is not called a fairytale region for nothing. The only disadvantage is that there is not much to see of the views. And that’s a pity, because because of the height of 763 meters, we could even see Frankfurt from the core of Hesse.

Holiday farm Ferienhof Wahls

At the foot of the Vogelsberg volcano you will find the holiday farm ‘Ferienhof Wahls’. In the Netherlands we’ve stayed at farms several times, but such a typical German farm feels a bit different. The house arouses Pipi Longstocking feelings and the foggy environment reminds me of the fairy tale Hans and Gretel.

The farm is so much fun for the kids. The children can go wherever they want in the protected playground. A ride on the cable car. Baking cakes in the sandpit. A game of table football in the barn. Take a look at the animals and the favorite of my children: ride the go-karts!

Child friendly holiday home and apartments in Germany

Holiday farm Ferienhof Wahls has a holiday home for nine people, which is the red house. In the blue house there are three apartments. One for four people, one for five people and the last one is for six people. We stayed in the basement, which in itself does not sound very cozy. But above expectations it was cozy. This apartment is suitable for four people. But as you would expect on a farm, the apartment is also wonderfully spacious. We have views over the garden, where the children play. According to my children the decoration was rather ‘old-fashioned’, personally I would describe it more as farmer style.

Breakfast at Café Barista Izabela

Right next to Ferienhof Wahls you will find the most charming coffee house of Vogelsberg called Dorfladen Metzlos – Café Barista Izabela. When you drive through the village, you can’t imagine that there is such a cozy and idyllic place to have your breakfast and a cup of coffee. You really have the feeling that you are entering a German living room, where there is also thought that the little ones should be able to enjoy themselves. In front of us there was an extensive set breakfast table ready for us, where nothing was missing. I can’t think of a better way to start my day.

We definitely recommend this child friendly holiday home in Vogelsberg when you visit Germany!

What to do in West Jutland? Here are some child-friendly highlights!

Now that the summer holidays are approaching, Denmark is a good place to be. We have been to West Jutland. West Jutland is Denmark’s West Coast. It is a beautiful region to spend holidays with children. Jutland is the peninsula above Germany. The northern part of Jutland belongs to Denmark and the southern part to Germany. West Jutland is located on the Wadden Sea and is a beautiful area with nice child-friendly highlights.

What is there to do in West Jutland?

And what did we do when we were on holiday in West Jutland? In this article I will show you the best highlights and the trips we have done. And I’ll give you some tips for various campsites and holiday homes in West Jutland.

Legoland Billund

First of all, when you go to Denmark with kids, you go to Legoland Billund. It depends on where you stay in West Jutland, but on average it is an hour’s drive to Legoland. We went to Legoland for one day, that was enough for us. But you can certainly go to Legoland for several days, there is enough to do. If you want to go to Legoland for several days, it is best to stay at Legoland resort. A tip is to do this before or after your holiday in West Jutland to do.

Jyllands Akvariet

In other words, this is the Jutlands Aquarium. Because West Jutland is located on the North Sea, a visit to an aquarium cannot be avoided during your holiday. Jyllands Akvariet can be found in Thyboro, half an hour above Hvide Sande. Here you can even pet the fish! It’s not a large aquarium, but a nice activity, especially when you go on a seal safari afterwards.

On a seal safari

Because seal safaris are really something you have to do when you’re in West Jutland. The seals of the North Sea are so cute. Yet the Danes are not always happy with them, because if there are too many seals, it becomes a plague.
There are different ways to go on a seal safari. For example, you can take a boat to look for seals. But you can also take a tractor on the beach to go to the seals. Just pay attention to the weather, when you go on a seal safari in West Jutland with your family. Because when the wind comes from the sea, you will have a wet suit on a small boat in no time.

Bork Vikingehavn Hemmet

Denmark has a very rich history of which Vikings are a big part. They were called the plague from the north. Because Vikings were best known for looting, murder and robbery. But the Vikings were also true explorers and traders. In the reconstructed Bork Vikingehavn Hemmet you will experience this history as if you were there yourself. Children love it.

The climbing forest: WOW Park

Denmark is known for its child-friendly activities. The climbing forest WOW Park is one of them. There is only one thing that WOW Park wants: ‘let the children play and discover’. Well, I completely agree with that, which is why WOW Park in West Jutland is highly recommended. A great activity for the children during a holiday in Denmark!

When you’ve done all these activities, your holiday week is already quite full. But in West Jutland there are also some highlights that should not be missed.

The beaches of West Jutland

West Jutland is situated by the sea, which is why West Jutland also has beautiful beaches. These beaches are wide, spacious, and above all quiet. Here you and your children can play to the fullest without bothering anyone. The beach of Nymindegab is ideal for looking for shells, stones and (sea)animals. If you go down a little further, to Henne Beach, the beach is even quieter and you can take your kite with you. A little more excitement can be found on the white beach of Hvide Sande.

Lyngvig Lighthouse

In Hvide Sande you will find the lighthouse ‘Lyngvig Lighthouse’. Not only the lighthouse is an attraction and very photogenic. But after a steep climb up, the view from the lighthouse over the west coast is also a highlight. You just shouldn’t suffer from vertigo.

Churches in West Jutland

The churches can be found not only in the centre of the Danish towns, but also in the landscapes of West Jutland. The typical church towers require to be photographed. Here are a few worth seeing recommendations:

  • Venø Church. The address: Tangles 1, Struer 7600
  • Lemvig Kirke. The address: Torvet 15, Lemvig 7620
  • Grindsted Kirke. The address: Kirkegade 22, Grindsted, Billund 7200
  • Haurvig Kirke. The address: Soender Klitvej 92, Hvide Sande 6960

Holiday homes in Denmark, region West Jutland

In Jutland there are many child-friendly holiday parks. If you prefer to stay in a private house, then Denmark is the place to be. There is a wide range of holiday homes on offer. From holiday homes with swimming pool to holiday homes on the coast.

We stayed in a holiday park of Landal. Landal has a total of five holiday parks in Jutland, Denmark. Landal Seawest is located in West Jutland. Landal Rønbjerg and Landal Grønhøj Strand are located in the north of Jutland. In central and eastern Jutland you will find the parks Landal Ebeltoft and Landal Søhøjlandet.

We can really recommend Denmark’s Jutland as a great holiday destination for families with little children. But also with older children, because there are plenty of activities and highlights that will make every family member happy. And with the above tips, a holiday in Jutland Denmark can’t be boring. Not even if it rains all week.