Ferienhof Wahls – a child friendly holiday home in Vogelsberg, Germany

When I ask my children what they liked most during the holidays, all three of them shout “the go-karts at the holiday home”. And once again it’s clear to me: Children don’t need much to have fun on holiday. Except for fresh air, a playground and time to discover.

During the school holidays we stayed two nights at holiday farm Ferienhof Wahls. Ferienhof Wahls is located at the foot of the Vogelsberg region in Germany. If you are looking for a child friendly holiday home in the Vogelsberg region in Germany, I can recommend it to you. It is a very child friendly place, where the feeling of ‘in the middle of nowhere’ arises in a positive sense. At first, when I see ‘no service’ at the top left of my phone screen and the phone keeps searching for a WiFi signal, I feel a bit anxious though. We’ll literally be ‘offline’ for a while, and there’s no other option than to accept it. Faster than I expect, I embrace the peace and enjoy the beautiful holiday home, my vacation and the children playing. And miraculously, during our stay, the children haven’t even thought about their iPad or phone.

The volcano Vogelsberg

Did you know that Germany has a volcano area? The last eruption was more than 7 million years ago, but still. The Vogelsberg is the result of these volcanic activities and that result is impressive! We discovered this area in the autumn. The autumn colours are beautiful and the foggy weather creates a fairytale setting. Hesse is not called a fairytale region for nothing. The only disadvantage is that there is not much to see of the views. And that’s a pity, because because of the height of 763 meters, we could even see Frankfurt from the core of Hesse.

Holiday farm Ferienhof Wahls

At the foot of the Vogelsberg volcano you will find the holiday farm ‘Ferienhof Wahls’. In the Netherlands we’ve stayed at farms several times, but such a typical German farm feels a bit different. The house arouses Pipi Longstocking feelings and the foggy environment reminds me of the fairy tale Hans and Gretel.

The farm is so much fun for the kids. The children can go wherever they want in the protected playground. A ride on the cable car. Baking cakes in the sandpit. A game of table football in the barn. Take a look at the animals and the favorite of my children: ride the go-karts!

Child friendly holiday home and apartments in Germany

Holiday farm Ferienhof Wahls has a holiday home for nine people, which is the red house. In the blue house there are three apartments. One for four people, one for five people and the last one is for six people. We stayed in the basement, which in itself does not sound very cozy. But above expectations it was cozy. This apartment is suitable for four people. But as you would expect on a farm, the apartment is also wonderfully spacious. We have views over the garden, where the children play. According to my children the decoration was rather ‘old-fashioned’, personally I would describe it more as farmer style.

Breakfast at Café Barista Izabela

Right next to Ferienhof Wahls you will find the most charming coffee house of Vogelsberg called Dorfladen Metzlos – Café Barista Izabela. When you drive through the village, you can’t imagine that there is such a cozy and idyllic place to have your breakfast and a cup of coffee. You really have the feeling that you are entering a German living room, where there is also thought that the little ones should be able to enjoy themselves. In front of us there was an extensive set breakfast table ready for us, where nothing was missing. I can’t think of a better way to start my day.

We definitely recommend this child friendly holiday home in Vogelsberg when you visit Germany!

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