WOW park, Denmark

Idyllic location

We arrive at an old farm and I realise ‘This is what I’ve dreamt about all my life!’. And the husband confirms ‘This place is amazing! We should start something like this in Holland.’ It’s nice to share a dream, even though it will probably stay a dream.

When we enter the farm, my idyllic feeling grows stronger. This place looks amazing. When we walk into the courtyard of the farm, it feels as if we’ve walked into a mediterranean country,. The sun makes the gravel glow and I’ve instantly forgotten the cold and wet picture of Denmark, I had created in my mind.

We’ve arrive at WOW Park, a playground or playforrest for the children.

wow park boomhut

Recommended by locals

One of the most surprising activities during our holiday in Denmark, was the afternoon we spent in WOW Park. A danish mother, who regularly takes her children there, recommended the park. She told me “the parents can just sit and relax and the children will enjoy themselves”, and she was right!

The first fifteen minutes in the park, I have a problem relaxing though. I have some real concerns letting my children climb al these obstacles and my heartbeat raises to a serious level. But the kids are excited and they start running around like crazy. Before I can say ‘wow’ they’ve climbed the first trees. After I’ve taken a closer look myself, I find everything is completely safe here and my heartbeat drops… It’s time to relax while the children explore the park.

WOW park mainly consists of tree houses, slides, rope bridges, swings and tunnels, in the trees, on the ground and under the ground. It takes me some ‘wows’ before I get used to the sight of my toddler climbing the rope bridges between the tree houses. Is she fearless, or am I just getting old?

wow park rennen

WOW Park. It’s definitely the right name for this park.

wow park glijbaan

From trampoline to labyrinth to popping your own popcorn

Besides treehouses, suspension bridges, slides and ziplines, you’ll find a huge net trampoline in WOW Park. After jumping the trampoline for a while, you won’t be able to walk in a straight line. I’ve never been to the moon, but I expect jumping the trampoline feels like walking on the moon. The moonwalk, but slightly different.

wow park labyrint

The labyrinth in WOW park is a lot of fun too. Do not underestimate it! It took us some time to find the exit. For us, one of the highlights was the picknick meadow with camp fires. At the end of the day everyone gathers round the fires to roast some sausage roles. The only thing missing was someone playing a guitar.

We tried to pop some popcorn on the fire. ‘Mommy, what’s that?!’ , the children shout, when I show them the cup of corn. They still have a lot to learn. Milk comes from a cow (a goat, a sheep, or whatever) and popcorn is popped corn. Yes, until recently my children thought popcorn magically arose in the microwave, but now they now you can pop corn in a cast-iron pan above a fire.

wow park popcorn pannen
popcorn bakken
wow park popcorn
wow park popcorn bakken

At the end of the afternoon, we can all recommend WOW park! We’ve had a great time. I do wonder if it would have been this great on a rainy day. Probably the kids would have enjoyed themselves anyway. And as long as you don’t mind them getting dirty and bringing some clean clothes, you’ll enjoy it too.

General information


Løvstrupvej 1
6900 Skjern

Distances to WOW park

From Nørre Nebel (Landal Dayz Seawest) it’s about 30 km’s, a 45 minute drive to WOW park.
From Esbjerg, it’s about 60 km’s, about an hour drive.
From Kopenhagen it’s 328 km, a 3,5 to 4,5 hour drive. (Depending on the route.

Opening hours

The park is open from 10.00 till 17.00. Sometime it’s closed for a private event, so make sure to check the website of WOW Park for current opening hours.


The entrance fee for children to 5 years is 90 DKK (+- €12,00) and from 5 years it’s 130 DKK (+- €17,50). This may seem a bit expensive for a ‘playground’, but when I ask my children what they’ve enjoyed most during our holiday in Denmark, two of the three agree “WOW park!”

“Even better than LEGOLAND?”
“Yes, even better than LEGOLAND!”